COVID-19 measures

Marketstall Recording is currently open for bookings, including attended recording and mixing sessions. 
We're operating within government guidelines and striving to be as close to fully COVID-secure as possible.
We've sought official advice and despite the Tier 5 restrictions in England, recording studios are places of business that are not included amongst those that must close during this time. 
The work being done here is not work that can be done from home - either by us or by you.
So the studio is open legitimately, and you are allowed to travel here for your session.
However, we understand that the technicalities of the Tier 5 rules aren't the only thing in play - and not even the most important. Now is a time of concern for many of our clients, and for us too.
Frankly, we'd like to be able to close and do our part in making this lockdown as effective as possible. But, unlike the first lockdown in Spring last year, there is no financial support being made available to us from government which would enable us to do that financially, so we must remain open and keep working to survive. It's not a decision we've taken lightly, but really we have no other choice.
That said, we are being extra-vigilant about the measures we're taking to keep you, us and everyone else we come into contact with safe, so you can attend your sessions here in as worry-free an environment as possible.
That means:
  • We're limiting numbers. Solo artists and groups of up to three people can book recording sessions. This will enable us to minimise the number of people from different households who come into direct contact, and to maintain proper social distancing within the studio space.
  • We're encouraging staggered attendance at recording sessions. So unless you want to record everything live, perhaps the drummer can go home early once their parts are recorded, and it won't be necessary for the flautist to turn up right at the start of the session, perhaps they can arrive a few hours later when there's already something for them to play to. These considerations can limit the numbers of interactions and reduce risk.
  • We're encouraging clients to let us work remotely for them, without them having to attend sessions, where possible, e.g. for mixing.
We aim to reduce the risk of transmission from person to person to an absolute minimum in the following ways:
  • Symptoms: We're asking all clients not to attend sessions if they are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19. To this end we are suspending all cancellation fees - even for very short notice cancellations - if the cancellation is made on health grounds. 
  • Limited access: The only people in attendance will be clients who have made bookings. Compared to shops and other public businesses there will be far fewer people from different households using the space.
  • Personal hygiene: We have plenty of hand sanitiser on site and encourage clients to make regular use of this whilst here.
  • Face coverings: We have plenty of face coverings available for clients to wear during sessions, and encourage their use during periods of the session when it will not affect their ability to perform. 
  • Regular cleaning: between sessions with different clients we are regularly cleaning our equipment, surfaces and furniture. We're being especially careful with vocal microphones - if more than one person will be singing during the same session we will use a different microphone for each person where possible.
  • Distancing: We aim to maintain the recommended 2m distance between people from different households during sessions. Although this may not always be possible, closer interactions will be kept to a minimum and will be brief. Most of the time during recording sessions we'll try to keep people from different households in completely separate rooms, and keep movements between rooms to a minimum. 
  • Food and drink: We'll disinfect a mug and/or glass for every client to use and keep during their session. We're limiting access to shared kitchen facilities to one client per session to ensure the smallest number of people are in contact with items and surfaces in this common area.
  • Track & Trace: In order to comply with Government track and trace regulations we will be asking all clients to provide name and telephone contact details for the person who books the session. We will not keep this information for longer than the required 21 days.
We understand that in order to operate safely with these protocols it may mean that sessions run slower than usual, or may need to be cancelled or re-arranged at short notice. We want to make sure that the cost of this does not fall on you. 
Therefore we won't be charging for reasonable session overruns to make sure you lose as little recording or mixing time as possible to the measures we have to take to keep the studio a safe environment for all our clients.
If you have any concerns or questions about making a booking or how your session will run, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss them with you.