COVID-19 Fund

Donate to our GoFundMe campaign

It's becoming clear that COVID-19 and the measures required to prevent its spread are a disaster for the arts, and musicians in particular.


With gigs cancelled and live music venues shutting their doors for the foreseeable future,

self-funding and DIY artists are left in a position where they cannot earn a living.

It also means they cannot afford to continue to make their art.

And that puts independent recording studios like us under threat too.

So we've set up a GoFundMe campaign to help keep the music scene alive during a time of unprecedented threat to the arts AND help keep this little independent business going during a tough time too!

By donating to this campaign you can buy studio time here at Marketstall Recording as a gift for musicians who are really struggling right now.

Your gift will allow them to continue to make and share their art with the world, and help make sure that when all this is over there is still a vibrant, living music scene in London, and beyond.

The idea here is to create a general fund for our studio services that artists can draw on when they need it during this period. Musicians can apply for free studio services via the form below. We will allocate the studio time you've paid for appropriately - to those with the greatest need, and to those who we think we can be of most help to. The idea is to offer help keep artists' recording projects alive when they're no longer able to fund them themselves. 

Our Promise

  • Your gift will only be used to pay for studio time for artists who would not otherwise be able to afford it due to the COVID-19 situation.

  • We will select applicants to be beneficiaries of this fund based on their ability (or rather lack of ability) to pay for their own recording session and according to who we think we're best able to help. We won't waste your money and will always try to achieve the best value from your donations.

  • We will, with the artists' permission*, publish details periodically of which artists have benefitted from your gifts, as well as publishing links to the art that was made here during those sessions, so you can see and hear the work that your generous donations have funded.

*There is, sadly, still a stigma associated with accepting charity. Therefore we will not publish details of the beneficiaries of these gifts without the consent of the individuals involved.


If you're a musician whose livelihood has been affected by COVID19 measures, please complete the form below to apply for free studio time and services.

Please give as much information as possible to enable us to fully understand your situation.

We may contact you to ask for evidence of lost income and current income in order to make sure these funds are allocated appropriately.

FREE STUDIO TIME - Application Form

Our aim is to direct this funding to those who need it most so please,

if you can afford to pay for studio time and services, don't apply. 

We anticipate receiving more applications than the fund can support, so not every application will be successful. Please don't take this personally.

If you have any questions and want to get in touch without having to use the form, please use the button below.

FAQs for Applicants

How do I know if I'm eligible to apply?

We know that everybody's situation is very different and there are many ways that musicians have been affected by the Coronavirus situation. So we're not applying a fixed mathematical calculation to the way we allocate these funds.

If you've been seriously affected financially by what's happened with Coronavirus measures, you can apply.

For example, if ...

  • You were a self employed musician who's lost all or most of their income

  • You were funding your own recording projects with your day job wages, but you were made redundant because of Coronavirus

  • You were funding your own recording projects with your day job wages, but you were moved on to a zero hours contract and had your hours drastically cut

  • You've had to apply for Universal Credit (or equivalent benefits - Housing Benefit, etc.) in order to survive

... then you're likely to be eligible.

However, if ...

  • You have been working full time from home

  • You have been furloughed on 80% of your old wage or more

  • You have significant savings with which you could fund your own recording session

... then it's unlikely we'll allocate studio time to you from the donations we've received.

If you're not sure about whether to apply, drop us a message first and we'll be happy to talk informally about it before you decide.

Will you ask for evidence of my financial situation?

Yes. And we know this will be the most awkward part of the process for most people, but this fund was set up to help those who are now struggling to afford to continue to create their own art. So in order to use the funds as intended we'll have to ask for some information to confirm what you're telling us.

We may ask for a bank statement, or a letter from the council confirming your benefit entitlement, or similar documents. We will do so with respect, sensitivity and full confidentiality. We don't want to pry into your private life and confidential information any more than we need to to confirm what you've told us. And we won't keep any documents on file beyond this initial check.

If I apply is the funding guaranteed?

No, sadly. We anticipate that we'll receive more applications than we'll be able to fund with the money that's been generously donated.


How will you choose who is allocated funding? 

Once we've established that an applicant is eligible to apply we'll consider a number of factors in order to try and wring the best value from the donations we've received. As well as listening to what the applicants want to achieve with the studio time, should it be allocated to them, we'll also consider how well we think we'll be able to help them do this.

So for instance, our expertise is in the field of recording real life performances of people making real noise with guitars, drums, voices, etc. as well as mixing and mastering this audio into pretty good sounding records.

Therefore we're likely to favour an application proposing this kind of work rather than one that proposes programming some EDM beats with lots of midi instruments.

Again. if you're not sure about whether you think you should apply, feel free to contact us first so we can talk it all through first.