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Live room

When it comes to recording bands we believe in trying to capture what makes that band unique, their individual sound - after all, that's what makes your band your band.

Our BIG live room has plenty of space to set up a traditional bass / drums / guitars group (with room to spare for extra members if you have them) and get you all playing together in the same space - just like at a rehearsal or a gig - where you can see each other and react to each other just like you always do. So you can just get on with your performance without first having to overcome that weird feeling that things somehow aren't quite right.

The room has been carefully acoustically treated and it sounds GREAT, and we're well equipped with a varied backline of drums, instruments and amps for you to use if you prefer not to bring your own gear - see our equipment list for full details.

live session photos by Suzi Corker