P A Y - W H A T - Y O U - C A N  

Be a patron of the Arts! Even if you're not a musician yourself you can still help - your donation will go directly towards making more studio time available at affordable rates for artists who wouldn't otherwise be able to make their art in these testing times.

What does Pay-What-You-Can mean?

Essentially it means that you get to choose what you pay for your studio sessions, according to what you can afford.
We're approaching this in a spirit of honesty and trust, and hope that you'll do the same. This means we won't ask for any proof of your circumstances or what you can afford, but we hope that you'll also consider that the studio has costs to cover - London rent, insurance, maintenance, operating costs, wages, etc. - and therefore will make your offers reasonable.
So, if you can afford to pay the suggested rates, please do. We set those prices at a level that is sustainable for the studio but still offers great value for money.
If you can't afford to pay the suggested rates, don't despair - get in touch to let us know what work you want to get done, and how much you can afford to pay for that work, and we'll do our best to make it happen.
If we think we can afford to take on your work at the price you suggest, we'll do it.
If not we'll either politely decline your offer, or we'll suggest an alternative that might work for us both, and let you decide if you want to go ahead.

Who is it for?

Pay-What-You-Can pricing is available to all independent self-funded artists.

If your work is being funded in part or whole by a third party (a record label, the Arts Council, PRS, a crowd funding campaign, the bank of mum & dad, etc.) then please pay the suggested rates.

Which services are Pay-What-You-Can?

Pay-What-You-Can pricing is available for attended recording and mixing sessions booked directly with Marketstall Recording.

It is not available for Mastering, for dry hire bookings, or for sessions booked through third parties.

Why Pay-What-You-Can?

There are many reasons - both political and personal - why we've decided to try this out.
We've seen the arts and poor people coming under relentless and systemic attack in the UK during more than a decade of Tory governments. It is enormously difficult for independent recording artists to cover costs - never mind earn a living - from making music. We believe that making art shouldn't just be a hobby for the wealthy, but it's becoming less and less affordable to ordinary people, especially since the "cost of living crisis" (which for some reason we're not just calling rampant inflation under this government) has made it tough for many to afford even the essentials of life. 

We want to try and do what we can to help re-balance the equation, taking a risk for what we hope will be the greater good. It may be only a small thing in the grand scheme, but we hope it will make a real difference to some people. As musicians and artists, we believe that we should look after each other in whatever ways we can. This is our way of trying to do that. 

Leaving the politics aside, we'd much rather work than not work, have a busy studio rather than a quiet one. The notion that a too-high price tag could be the only reason an artist might choose not to come here to make a record is anathema to us. We hope this will make the studio more affordable to more people, and we hope we'll be busier making records for more of you than ever as a result. 

We'd much rather chat with you about what we can do on a budget you can afford than not even try to make it work.

So please, if you've got a recording project ready to go, get in touch :)