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When it comes to recording we believe in trying to capture what makes an artist unique - whatever it is that makes you you.


So we've built a space designed to help you feel at home and at ease. We want you to be able to settle in and give your best performance without that uncomfortable feeling of being in a strange, alien environment.

We have a great backline of amps and instruments for you to use if you prefer to not have to bring your own, which can be such an ordeal to drag around on public transport.


But we're also located just two minutes walk from the nearest station (Star Lane) so if you are bringing your own gear you won't have far to carry it at this end of your journey. 


Our Live Room is comfy and spacious with plenty of space for a traditional drums / bass / guitars group, so if you want to record live you've come to the right place.

(Not that there's anything wrong with overdubbing your way to a great record, of course! Different strokes for different folks.)


The room has been carefully acoustically treated and it sounds GREAT - really well balanced and under control, but still lively.

And of course this is where our great backline of instruments, amps, pedals and other esoteric fun stuff lives.

Bright colours and all kinds of noisy exploration - this is a room to inspire you :)


Making a great record isn't *just* about capturing a great performance (though that will get you a long way towards it, and it's always what we strive to do). 

Getting the mix right is just as important.

We have a great selection of outboard gear and a big collection of the best plug-ins around from Waves, Soundtoys, Native Instruments, BABY Audio, Valhalla and many others to get your recorded audio sounding just right.

But it doesn't matter how you get there, or what you use.

How it sounds in the end is all that's important.

Listen to some of our work on the Sound & Vision page to hear a bunch of our favourite records that we've worked on.

To find out more about how we can help you make your best record, or to make a booking, click here ...


To see our full equipment list, click here ...

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