Equipment List

Apple Mac Pro 2.7GHz / 64GB

​Logic X

UAD Apollo interfaces

The powerhouse and engine of the studio is our super-souped-up Mac Pro running the latest version of Logic Pro X.

Two Universal Audio Apollo units combine to make a very powerful interface and zero-latency monitoring system with amazing AD/DA conversion.


  • Violet Microphones "The Globe Vintage" dark & warm LDC based on the classic vintage Neumann U47 sound

  • JZ Microphones BH2 "The Black Hole" bright, airy and very detailed LDC, perfect for pop vocals

  • AT4050 (x2) a true workhorse multi-pattern LDC

  • Oktava MK012 with Michael Joly's "Premium Electronics" mod matched pair with full set of interchangeable capsules (LDC cardio, plus SDC cardioid, hypercardioid & omni) upgraded to sound just like Neumann KM84's.

  • Line Audio CM3 SDC matched pair

  • Naiant XO mini clip-on lavalier / soundhole mic


  • NoHype Audio LRM1 (x2) matched pair

  • ShinyBox 46MXL with Lundahl transformer

  • Beyerdynamic Soundstar mkIII (x2)


  • Sennheiser MD408

  • Sennheiser MD421

  • Sennheaiser MD441 (x2)

  • Electrovoice RE20

  • Shure SM7b

  • Shure Unidyne III

  • Beyerdynamic M88TG

  • Audix i5

  • AKG D5 (x3)

  • AKG D12

  • AKG D112

  • AKG D190

  • Blue "The Ball" 48V phantom powered dynamic

  • Peavey PVM520i


  • Wasaphone mkI Great lofi mic made out of an old telephone receiver & a flour shaker - loads of retro flavour.

Our mic locker is always growing as we add more vintage and modern mics to our very versatile collection. 



Focal ​CMS-65 monitor speakers (pair)

The absolute best speakers we could afford to buy! Look them up, they're great. Or better still, come here and have a listen ...

AKG K550 reference headphones

For critical mix checking and control room monitoring, these are amazingly detailed musical headphones


Soundcraft Spirit M8 mixer

8 mono channels plus 4 stereo channels with a plethora of routing options, this great little desk enables us to set up for full band rehearsals and live recording sessions with multiple headphone mixes that musicians can dial in for themselves direct from the desk.


Superlux HD662F headphones

Great for tracking - high attenuation of external noise (which also means very little headphone spill into the mics), great clarity & flat frequency response for accurate monitoring.

Bishopsound Alpha 15 PA speakers

For when you need to rehearse without headphones, these speakers allow us to set up the live room as a practice space.

UAD 1176 Channel Strip the classic pre/comp combo

Studer 289 Channel strips racked pair from vintage desk

Studer 900 Channel strip (x2) can't get enough Studer stuff :)

Focurite ISA2 What Rupert Neve did next :)

Handcraft Labs Affinity dual tube pre​, handmade in Ukraine

Warm Audio WA12 (pair) very nice API312 clones

RFZ V781 (x4) two modules from an old East German broadcast desk, with two preamps in each module = 4 channels of fat Neve-like transistor magic

LEV Solutions Integrity II super-clean, clear and open, ultra

hi-fi pres which show off the mic, rather than showing off itself.

DAV Broadhurst GDNS No. 2 4 channels, based on the classic Decca Studios' preamp circuit design

Audient ASP880 8 channels of pristine, uncoloured hi-fi sound

That's up to 24 channels of boutique high-end preamps of many different flavours from all over the world. We think the variety of tone available from all these different choices gives us more flexibility in getting the right sound for you than a single mixing desk loaded with preamps which all sound the same.

Ashley SC55 Stereo Compressor / Limiter

Aphex Expressor mono compressor

Computer / Interface / DAW
Preamps & outboard processors

UAD - EQ, comps, limiters, reverb, amp modellers, etc.

Waves Platinum (+ other selected options) - huge collection of plugin processors of all types

NI Komplete 8 - virtual instruments & sample sets

EastWest Hollywood Orchestra - Diamond edition

East West Hollywood Brass

Soundtoys 5 - the complete suite! Some of the best sounding EQ, compression, drive & delay plugins we've heard.

We do most of our mixing and processing "in the box".

We have an extensive range of the best plugin processors available including many modelled on legendary hardware (Neve, API, Fairchild, Pultec, Teletronix, etc.) to give you those classic vintage tones, and others which are of the more clinical variety at which the digital domain excels.

Vintage late-1960s Hayman 3 piece drum kit

looks beautiful, sounds great - big, punchy, classic vintage sound.

Gretsch Catalina Maple 5 piece drum kit 

A great versatile modern recording kit - from open and jazzy to heavy rock, with tonnes of tone.

Premier 2000 series 14x5.5" snare very musical and responsive, but packs a big BANG too.


Meinly Byzance 20" Sand Ride Benny Greb signature model

Bosphorous Gold Series 22" Ride big, loud and low

Zildjian A Medium 20" Rock Ride

Sabian AA 20" Flat Bell Ride mmmm, jazz

Bosphorous Gold Series16" Power Crash 

Zildjian Platinum series 18" Thin Crash

Paiste Dark Crisp hihats very versatile for different styles


7.5" / 6" bongo set

Vintage 80s Rototoms set of 3 - 6, 8 & 10"

Various hand-held percussion

tambourines, shakers, claves, triangle, guiro, cowbell, gogo bells, woodblocks, coconuts ... and others I've forgotten!

Schecter Diamond-J bass Fender Jazz-style with a twist

Westone Thunder 1A bass from the famous Matsumoko factory in Japan, made in 1984

Fender Standard American Telecaster 80s vintage 

Burns Steer 2003 reissue

Westone Thunder 1A from the famous Matsumoku factory in Japan, made in 1983

Recording King acoustic guitar 6 string, 000 size/shape

Admira Sombra acoustic guitar 6 string (nylon) classical

Handmade concert ukulele 

Yamaha YC-25D classic transistor combo organ & synthesizer

Crumar Stratus vintage analogue poly synth from 1983!

Casio VL-Tone VL-1

Hohner Melodica

2.5 octave glockenspiel

Shruti box drone instrument from harmonium family

Fender Bassman 100W head roars like nothing else

Marshall JMP2104 vintage 50W 2x12, classic Marshall tone

Traynor YGL3 Like a vintage Fender Twin, but better :)

Fender Super 60 late-80s 60W guitar tube combo amp - the best chiming Fender cleans we've ever heard 

Gem Mars 1x12 vintage hybrid combo solid state input stage with tube driven output and oversized cabinet makes this amp bright and warm, crunchy and lush

Juketone "Royal Blood" Princeton tone in a 1x10 5W combo

Crate "Blackheart" - Push this 5W combo and it sounds *really* plexi :)

Selmer "Treble 'n Bass" RSV50 50W tube amp head w. reverb, our favourite for bass

SWR "Workingman's 12 12" Solid State Bass combo amp

Wharfedale 4x12 cab when things need to get BIG & LOUD ...

Electrovoice 1510 Bass cab perfect partner for the Selmer head as a bass rig, with 15" & 10" drivers for depth and detail.

Instruments, amps, etc.