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Recording & mixing

Daytime sessions run from 10am to 6pm, and evening sessions run from 7pm to 11pm, unless otherwise agreed in advance at the time of booking.
Half day sessions are 4 hours long, either 10am to 2pm or 2pm to 6pm.
Hourly sessions can be booked at any time, with a minimum booking of 2 hours. When booking the studio on an hourly basis, the hourly charge begins at the start of each hour i.e. 0 to 2h = £60, 2h01min to 3h = £90, etc.
If day or half-day bookings run over time the extra time will be charged at hourly rates according to the same principle, and must be paid immediately at the end of the session.
Studio bookings for recording & mixing sessions must be paid for in full, in advance.
Any bookings which have been agreed in principle but not yet paid for will only be considered tentative until paid for in full. Marketstall Recording may choose to offer calendar dates of tentative bookings to other clients in order to mitigate risk of non-payment or late notice cancellation. In this case we will contact the client with the tentative booking to let you know your date is no longer available and try to find another alternative.
Cancellation and non-attendance
Any booking cancelled by the client with more than 7 days notice can either be refunded in full or re-arranged for another suitable date without penalty.
Any booking cancelled by the client with less than 7 days notice will be charged at 100% of the full amount if Marketstall Recording is unable to find another booking for the same date, time and duration. 
If a client has made a tentative booking and fails to give seven day's notice of their intent to cancel the client is still liable for the full cost of the session.
Non-attendance is considered the same as cancellation with less than seven says' notice.


Marketstall Recording's Mastering service includes a first draft and up to two further rounds of revisions:
  1. The client delivers the files and guidance and Marketstall Recording does the first-draft
  2. If the client requires any changes they will send us detailed notes, which we will then implement and send a second round of Masters
  3. If the client requires any further changes they will send us detailed notes, which we will then implement and send a third and final round of Masters
Any further revisions required by the client will incur extra charges.
Masters are delievered in two formats: high quality MP3s and the lossless format of the clients choice (WAV, AIFF or FLAC) via WeTransfer.
If the client requires delivery in any other digital format (e.g. DDP file) they must inform us before we begin the Mastering process or further charges may be applied.
If the client requires delivery via a physical format (e.g. CD or DVD) they must inform us before we begin the Mastering process. Charges for the materials and P&P will be applied at cost.
If the client requires any sub-channel/metadata (e.g. ISRC codes) written to the files they must inform us before we begin the Mastering process or further charges may be applied.
Mastering is a remote service carried out without the client being present for the sessions. If the client wishes to be present for a Mastering session then normal studio prices apply as for recording and mixing. Any revisions required after a mastering session done with the client present must also be booked as separate sessions in the same way.

Special Offers

Services booked under Special Offers are the same services we provide at normal prices - you don't get a lesser service even though you're paying less.
To claim a Special Offer the client must inform us at the time of making the booking by quoting the Special Offer ref number or just telling us which offer they want to claim.
Special Offer pricing cannot be retrospectively applied to sessions already booked and/or paid for.
Unless otherwise stated, Special Offers cannot be claimed in combination - only one Special Offer can be applied per booking / transaction.
We reserve the right to withdraw or change advertised Special Offers without notice or explanation.

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