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Why are we here?

We're here to help you make the records you want to make, at a price that you can actually afford.

We want to be the first choice studio for every noisy* young** independent*** music-maker in London to come & make their records.

So we work to two principles:

1) We try to keep our prices low 

We hate the idea that making music should be the preserve of the well-off, so we'll always do our best to find a way of working within your budget to make the record you want to make.  

2) We always put you at the centre of our process 

This is your noise, your art, your record - not ours. So everything we do is led by you, towards the aim of getting the sound that comes out of the speakers to be as close to the sound you have in your head as possible. 

If we're not making the record you want to make, we're doing something wrong.


Who are we for?

We specialise in recording music that lies somewhere on the guitar spectrum.


From quiet acoustic folk to noisy punk through glam rock, metal, indie, emo, screamo, even pop ... if the core of your sound is singing and playing guitars / bass / drums / keys you've come to the right place.

Not that we can't do the other stuff too, of course.

We work with rappers, orchestral instrumentalists, spoken word artists, avant grade modern classical composers ... and we programme computer  stuff and play with synths and other fun electronics too ... but in our hearts we're old-fashioned noisy indie kids who like nothing better than a bit of a guitar racket. 


So recording and mixing real sound, made in real time by real people, captured with microphones, is the core of what we do.

The stuff that's not so easy to do for yourself at home - the stuff that requires a good space to record in, really nice mics to record with, a great console to run all those signals through, years of experience to know how to get everything set up right, and all in a place where you can turn up the volume without annoying your neighbours.

If that's what you need, we're here for you.

The studio is an old fashioned set-up with a separate live room and control room so you can make your noise in one room while we listen and make sure it sounds great through the mics in the other.

We've got a really good backline for drums / bass / guitars bands to just turn up and plug in and play - just bring your instruments and your best performance :)

The studio isn't perfect, it isn't "state of the art" (whatever that actually means).

But it works, and we have great gear, and we know how to make great sounding records here in this space with what we've got. 

And we'll always treat you and the art you're trying to make with the full respect it deserves.

We don't think you'll find a better value**** recording studio in all of London.

* You don't have to be loud noisy - we like the quiet stuff too, the Acoustic folk, the Folk folk as well as the Punk folk and the Indie folk ... you're all welcome here. "Noisy" is an attitude, you know? Even if the noise you make is quiet :)

** You don't have to be young in years - we like the old folk too (we are one, after all). "Young" is an attitude, you know? 

*** Independent is a bit trickier to get into, but ... it's an attitude, you know? 

**** Yes, it's a nebulous claim. But you should come and find out for yourself if you think we're right.

To find out more about the studio click here, or to hear a bunch of the best songs we've made, click here

To get in touch for a chat or to make a booking, click the button

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