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R E M O T E   S E S S I O N S


There is no agreed standard for Mastering recorded music right now.
ONLINE PLATFORMS - iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud ... they all playback at different loudness levels to each other, and most of them will adjust the level of your tracks after you upload them if they don't fit their particular criteria.
PHYSICAL MEDIA - tape, CD & vinyl generally have different loudness "standards" to online platforms, and to each other.

So the idea that one set of masters will work perfectly for releases across multiple media formats isn't really true, and definitely can't be presumed. And even if you're just releasing on one media format, you need to know your master will be tailored for the right one!

Communication with your mastering engineer is key to making sure your masters are suitable for however you want to release them.
It's possible to find a good compromise between the demands of different media, but only if your mastering engineer knows what your release plans are - you don't want to end up with a master that would be great for CD but totally unsuitable if you were pressing vinyl!

We offer a remote mastering service, which means it's handled online without you having to attend the studio. Our approach to mastering is to prepare your mixes for maximum compatibility with the delivery media of your choice, but without changing how the mix actually sounds and feels, to the best of our abilities. We don't just run your audio through a software preset and send it back to you. 

Price per song*

Less than 4 minutes

Less than 8 minutes

Less than 12 minutes






*Prices quoted are for one master of the original audio provided. Different versions of the same song - for example: instrumental version, radio edit, backing track version for live performances, etc - can be done in the same session for an additional £25 per version regardless of the length of the original track. Contact us for more details


Getting it right can be complicated so we're always happy to chat about your mastering job
before you decide whether or not we're the right choice for you.


Free Test Master

And for complete peace of mind we'll even do a test master of one song for FREE if you've never used us for Mastering before. That way you get to hear what the results will be like before deciding if we're the right service for you, and before you've spent any money - no payment, no obligation.

Just get in touch to ask.


Send us your stems and/or multi-track audio and we'll mix your songs for you!

Price per song

Up to 24 tracks of audio & less than 4 minutes

Up to 36 tracks of audio & less than 6 minutes

Up to 48 tracks of audio & less than 8 minutes

More than 48 tracks of audio or more than 8 minutes





The service includes one round of revisions after delivery of the initial mix so you can ask us to fine tune things, if necessary.

Further revisions cost an additional £40 per round if you want to try out a few different options before deciding on your final mix.

Before we invoice you for payment we'll give you an estimate for delivery of the mix.

We try to keep turnaround to less than one week for delivery of the first mix, but sometimes it may take a little longer.

**This is the minimum fee for very long and/or complex tracks - actual price will be negotiated and agreed before work begins

Sometimes it's just not possible for you to be there for a mix session - we all have busy lives, right? 
And not everyone even lives in London! 

Sometimes you just don't want to be there. A mix can be a long, boring and quite technical process. It can often feel like there's not much you - the artist - can helpfully add anymore at this stage. You gave your best performance already, you made your choices about how all the individual elements of your tracks should sound - just make them sound good now, mix person! Don't make me sit there bored while you work.

And sometimes DIY recording is great fun but DIY mixing isn't. Sometimes you just want to hand it over to someone else to finish.

So for everyone who's not able to come to the studio, who doesn't want to sit in at a mix session and get bored, and who just can't get their DIY recordings to sound right in their DIY mix, we offer this remote mixing service.
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