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S T U D I O   S E S S I O N S


We haven't had time to get a proper photo shoot done in our new live room yet, but it'll happen soon. In the meantime here are a few snaps we've taken so far of the space and the gear. 


As always, there's room enough to set up an old fashioned drums / bass / guitars band for live recording - if you're punk enough to record that way! 


And once again we've made the new place a homely, bright and colourful space to help you to settle in quickly, feel at ease, and have fun while you play.

People make their best recordings when they can forget they're in a studio and just be themselves - our space is designed to help you do just that.


Making a great record isn't *just* about capturing a great performance (though that will get you a long way towards it, and it's always what we strive to do).


Getting the mix right is just as important.

And sometimes you just have to be there to guide the process in order to achieve that sound you have in your head

To find out more about how we can help you make your best record, or to make a booking, click here ...

To see our full equipment list, click here ...

Booking an attended mix session with us means you're there throughout the mix so you can steer us as we work to make sure we're always on the right path towards getting your songs sounding just how you want them.


Listen to some of our work on the Sound & Vision page to hear how a bunch of our favourite records turned out.

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