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CHEAP WEDNESDAYS for unwaged / low waged

£80 (6 hours - day) / £60 (4 hours - evening)

We believe that making art shouldn't be the exclusive preserve of people with a comfortable amount of disposable income. But it's pretty much impossible to run a recording studio in London offering prices that absolutely everyone can afford, all the time - we'd never even cover rent!

So we've decided to trial this Special Offer in August 2019.

One day a week - every Wedneday - we're offering recording and mixing at *very* heavily discounted rates to those who are least able to afford the usual kind of prices we need to charge to keep the studio going.

If you're unemployed, low-waged and reliant on benefits, a student, etc. then get in touch and ask us about this Special Offer.


Guidelines below to help you work out if you'll qualify - please do read them ...

  • The intent behind the special offer is to make studio time affordable for those who would not otherwise be able to afford it, and we cannot offer these prices to everybody.

  • People's circumstances can be so different and varied that we don't want to make a strict list of who qualifies and who doesn't, but please do enquire if you are:

    • unemployed

    • claiming benefits 

    • low-waged

    • a student

    • ... and have no other source of income or savings.

  • If you ask to make a booking under this special offer we will ask you tell us why you think you should qualify, and may ask for evidence (although we will try be as respectful as possible and will be running this special offer on the basis of trust rather than distrust). 

  • Please don't ask to make a booking under this special offer if:

    • You are in full-time employment 

    • You do not rely on some kind of government benefit or funding to live

    • You're a student with access to recording facilities at your college or uni

    • You have an alternative source of funding to pay for studio time (including crowd funding campaigns, Arts Council or other similar grants, a sponsor / patron / manager, generous parents, savings, etc.)

  • Bands - please let us know about all members' circumstances when making an enquiry about booking under this special offer. We'd probably expect at least half the band to be in circumstances that would qualify for the offer, but this is gonna be a tricky one to gauge so we'll treat every case as it comes.

  • Please don't lie to us about your circumstances in order to secure a cheap booking under this special offer. Should we discover you've misled us we will invoice you for the difference between the price you paid and a nominal "normal" rate of £180 per day / £100 per half day / £30 per hour

  • Advertised prices do not include live room hire. The live room can be hired at an additional cost of £60 (daytime session) or £40 (evening session).

  • We reserve the right to refuse bookings at our discretion and without explanation.

  • Daytime sessions will run 9:30-15:30 and evening sessions will run 18:00-22:00. Times, lengths and prices of sessions booked under this special offer are fixed, as stated.

  • All bookings must be paid for in advance, in full at the time of making the booking.

  • This special offer is initially being run as a trial during August 2019 but may be withdrawn without notice at any time.

  • Bookings are subject to availability. Special Offer prices can not be applied to bookings made for any other days of the week except Wednesdays.