D.I.Y. Recording & The Studio

We're punks at heart and fully support the D.I.Y. approach to making music. After all, it's how we started out​ too.
We also believe that the best art is made by artists fully in control of their creative process and vision.
And in recent years it's become easier and cheaper to make great sounding recordings outside of a studio environment, so why wouldn't you take advantage of that?
But that doesn't mean the recording studio isn't still a useful space and tool in your D.I.Y. recording process.
Not everybody has access to a good sized and well treated room in which to record a drum kit or some loud amped-up electric guitars. And not every D.I.Y. recordist has all the equipment they might need to fulfil their artistic vision.
A well-equipped, great-sounding space could be just what you need to get your tracking done before taking all the audio files home with you to mix. Or maybe you've tracked everything for your record at home but don't have all the tools you need to do your recordings justice in the mix.
There are countless ways in which a recording studio can be useful in the D.I.Y process, and we're happy to fit in with whatever works for you, however we can.
And we're always happy to chat - get in touch to discuss your project and see how we can help you.

Lessons & Workshops

Whilst lockdown has led to a boom in DIY home recording, a lot of people are finding out that there can be a steep learning curve to climb before you get good at it.
Although there's tonnes of information out there, sometimes it's hard to find exactly what you're looking for, and it's often hard to know whether that information is actually good and helpful advice or not.
We've been through the same learning process as you're going through - 20 years of making records as artists and producers, and we think we've got a lot of useful knowledge and advice to share.
So we've decided to offer lessons and workshops to individuals or groups of people who are taking their own steps towards becoming self-recording artists and producers.
There's no syllabus or set programme. We don't want to run courses that try to cover everything like you'd get at music college - if that's what you want there's already a lot of choices for you out there. 
Instead we want to support the learning-by-doing D.I.Y. attitude towards recording.
So we draw up specific, bespoke lessons and workshops focussing on whatever it is you want to know more about, with a focus on giving you practical hands-on experience.
It's good to know the theory behind what you're doing, but we want to help get you recording as quickly as possible - after all, that's the fun bit!
To give you an idea of what we can help you with, here are some of the topics we're asked about most often:
  • Recording a drum kit
  • Recording acoustic guitars
  • Recording electric guitars
  • Recording vocals
  • How to make the most of your recording space
  • Choosing the right microphone
  • Multiple & stereo mic techniques
  • The basic tools of mixing - EQ, Panning, Compression, Delay & Reverb
Get in touch to discuss your particular needs and we'll come up with a lesson and price plan to suit you.

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