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Recording & Mixing (attended sessions)

Suggested rates:

£250 per day

£35 per hour

(minimum booking = 4 hours)

We strive to keep our prices affordable to as many people as possible.

We think these prices represent excellent value for the type of studio we run and the quality of the work we do.

That said, we know times are hard for musicians right now, so we're always willing to talk about price if you can't afford to meet our suggested rates.


Mixing (unattended sessions)

Price per song

Up to 24 tracks of audio & less than 4 minutes

Up to 36 tracks of audio & less than 6 minutes

Up to 48 tracks of audio & less than 8 minutes

More than 48 tracks of audio or more than 8 minutes





We know that not everyone can afford to make a full-blown studio record these days, and the increasing quality of affordable audio equipment means more and more of you are choosing to enter the world of DIY home recording.

We're fully behind this approach - there's no better way of achieving your artistic vision than to take control of your own creative process.

But there's a steep learning curve, so if you hit a wall, come to us!

We've put these rates together especially for DIY recordists and for those who are too far away to come here to record.

The service includes one round of revisions after delivery of the initial mix so you can fine tune everything just as you want it.

Further revisions cost an additional £40 per round if you want to try out a few different options before deciding on your final mix.

**This is the minimum fee for very long and/or complex tracks - actual price will be negotiated and agreed before work begins


Mastering (unattended sessions)

£25 per track***, per version****

This is an online service - arranged and delivered remotely so you don't need to come to the studio.

The price includes up to two rounds of revisions to make sure you can come back to us and ask for tweaks in order to get everything just right for you.

If you'd prefer to attend the mastering session this can be arranged, but we can't offer the same prices. Please contact us to discuss.

***Price quoted is for songs of less than 4 minutes, longer songs will incur higher fees. Please contact us to discuss.


****For example, if you need more than one version of a master (e.g instrumental, radio edit, different online and vinyl masters, etc.)


Lessons & Workshops

£ negotiable

Lessons & workshops are prepared and presented according to clients' individual requirements, so there are no fixed fees.

Prices will depend on the number of people attending, the duration and number of lessons agreed, and whether they will take place here at the studio or at your home or rehearsal space.

Get in touch to talk about your requirements and we'll put together a lesson and price plan that suits you.

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