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The second limited-edition design in our series of "Having a moan about what's wrong with indie music theses days" tees is available to order now!


This one is an encouragement to remember that ...

1) The point of being an artist is not to make yourself a marketable commodity, a predictable, safe, easily-digestible brand that will keep the algorithms happy and your numbers up.

Be challenging, be surprising, be difficult, be dangerous, be interesting, be honest, be human, be brave, be yourself.

2) Corporate tie-ins are always bullsh!t. Just say no.


In this limited run of tees the light colours (white, yellow and orange) come with a black print, and the dark colours (black and navy blue) come with a yellow print.


Each shirt comes with a free hand-cut Marketstall Recording fabric patch + needle & thread! 

(The Velvet Underground cassette is there just for scale, sorry you can't have my tape.)

Sew it somewhere on your new t-shirt, or your denim jacket, guitar strap, jeans back pocket ... give it to a friend, throw it away ... whatever you want :)


    • Gildan soft-style tees in S, M, L, XL & XXL
    • There's only one shirt of each size in each colour, so every tee is unique - get yours fast before the one you want's gone! 
    • We won't be printing more after these have sold out
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